Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lost Girl Review; Lost Girl is one of the most progressive shows on television

After her "break" or "break-up," -- it's still not clear which it is -- from Lauren, a trip to the suburbs was what Bo needed. She was surrounded by other women who had been scorned by their lovers, which made her appreciate Lauren even more. Though, her constant insistence that they were just on a "break" was becoming an annoyance. No matter which terminology she used, she was no longer in a romantic relationship with Lauren. 

It was odd that Bo called Lauren "Lawrence" though. Lost Girl is one of the most progressive shows on television, so for Bo to shift Lauren's gender to male in the suburbs showed that the world of Lost Girl isn't as gender neutral as has been showcased. While I was initially disappointed in the writer's decision, I now wonder if that was done specifically in order to highlight that the Fae world is gender neutral, while the real, human world is not. Looking at it from that perspective, the decision not only makes sense, but is a larger statement on our society.

Even though the case itself was not all that original (regular women getting witch powers and using them to punish cheating men), the way it played out worked because it allowed Bo and Kenzi to learn about themselves. A highlight of the episode was when Kenzi watched Ethan and told the story of Super-Kenzi with the Fae powers of her friends. Kenzi may have gotten Ethan's attention, but I'm pretty sure she taught him a few new inappropriate words too.

And, through the witch circle, Bo was given another clue about presumably about her father. He (or someone) said through Susan, "You know not your true strength child but soon you will and the world will bow down before us." Given the previous Wanderer mentions and this prophecy, it continues to add up to Bo's father being Odin. Could Tamsin be working for him? Or, is she working for someone else who is aware of Bo's true parentage? I hope this mystery is revealed by the end of the season. 

In the end, Bo used her succubus power to bring an end to Lisa's tortured soul. Even though she was dead, her essence and being was able to be controlled. Bo's offer to help Lisa protect herself was touching. Not only because she offered to help Lisa on a long term basis, but that Bo has started to accept herself as a Fae and all that it entails. She may have decided that she was a non-killing Fae, but when it could be used for a compassionate reason she didn't hesitate.

With the case resolved, Bo had to face the reality about her relationship with Lauren and then meant confronting her. Are they broken up? Or, on a break? Bo's initial confidence that her and Lauren would find their way back together was challenged and she needed to know the truth. Only Lauren wasn't there to answer her call.

First, who is Lauren? Isaac found proof that she isn't Lauren at all, but a fugitive, Karen Beattie. Wow. That's a shocker. And, regarding her relationship with Bo, it's just another secret that she'd been keeping. There's probably a good reason that Lauren didn't tell Bo, but how will she take it?

After Hale refused Lauren a sabbatical, she decided to leave her Ash necklace behind and take off for a new job with Isaac. After Hale's comment about the Dark killing Lauren, I fear that Isaac is not who he says he is. Could he be Dark Fae and after Lauren? It was bad enough that she left without telling anyone where she was going, but even worse that she took off with someone that she barely knows. Will Bo just assume that Lauren needed space and took a vacation? Will anyone worry about where is has gone? If she's in trouble, she's hasn't left many clues for them to help her.

Dyson and Tamsin took another look at the murder that was attributed to Bo and found new evidence that exonerated the succubus. Riley was killed by a 6-fingered Fae. The investigation led them to a field of death. Someone or SomeFae is killing Fae and leaving them in a mass grave. The dead were different Fae creatures, both Dark and Light. Is this somehow tied into the return of Bo's father? Or, is this entirely unrelated? Whoever is doing the killings was watching over the burial site, so it's likely they will come out into the open soon.