Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kit You have to Ascend the actual Trees and shrubs

1. Yale Poison Ivy Rope (120 feet), $120
Unlike rock climbing, tree climbing requires nonstretching, static rope. Poison Ivy, rated to 6500 pounds, is a favorite of arborists—it's flexible and holds knots well.

2. Petzl ELios Helmet, $66
It's easy to forget about safety with your head in the clouds. Petzl has you (and your skull) covered. The helmet is lightweight and lets the breeze reach your noggin via ventilation slots that slide open.

3. New Tribe Yellow Jacket Saddle, $180
If you slip while climbing a tree and no one is there to hear you, this harness will save your keister. And diamond-grid webbing provides maximum comfort.

4. Carhartt The DEX Glove, $26
Rope burns, splinters, and vicious squirrels can ruin a good climb. These gloves have you protected; cowhide-reinforced palms provide a sure grip.

5. CMI foot ascender, $66
This boot-mounted foot ascender, crafted out of anodized aluminum, keeps tension on the rope, which makes climbing much easier. But you can do without it. After all, money doesn't grow on tropes.

6. Sherilltree Neo Throw Weights, $15; Big Shot, $120
For lower branches, tie a throwline to the weight and toss it over by hand. If you're aiming higher—say, 100 feet or more—this wicked slingshot, which comes in two 4-foot sections, should do the trick. Secure the butt end against the ground, pull down, and let fly. Just watch out for birds.